Welcome Brethren

We invite you all to our new interactive Website, which is in a slight ‘Under Construction stage’ at present, and in time we pray that you will regard this as a very authoritative Site with a wealth of information that will assist you in furthering your studies into the Elijah message.
So again welcome to the Lord’s Elijah message.   You are probably wondering who we are and what to expect from this Website.   Well firstly, we are men and women just like you, although like you we have studied Adventism thoroughly and have been in the Church for quite some time, and most importantly we adhere to  the writings of E.G. White as well as being Students of the Word of God.
Yes we are Interactive:- see our ‘About Us’ page (still under construction, but folks we won’t be long)
We suggest you get familiar with our ‘About Us’ page as we will answer almost anything with regards to Seventh Day Adventist Doctrine, Health Reform and of course the Elijah message which we pray you will come to appreciate as well as come to an understanding of God’s precious truth for the present hour.   We look forward to getting to know you as you put a face to the name, it is here that you can interact with us, much like Facebook and we will try to answer any of your questions within 24 hrs.
Finally what you won’t find on our Website is flashy multimedia, just the facts.
So What Next?
To begin with go to our Video Studies ( at the bottom of this page), if your new, go to ‘who is Ellen G White ?’ (at the bottom) if you are an SDA (Seventh Day Adventist), go straight to the video study ‘views on Zechariah 6…the great paradox of the ages’ (start from the top and look about 7 down).
We  appreciate your comments and thoughts, there is a ‘Comments box’ at the bottom of each page, with that in mind we hope you enjoy our new Website and find the content informative.
The Administrators

2 responses to “Welcome Brethren

  1. Christeen Appleton

    i think I’m really going to like this! Thank you so much for the wonderful invite! I do have a question about the cheese video…Doesn’t that say something opposite of what most wish to digest? I’m new at all this and just inquiring? I really liked the video a lot, but I was hoping that milk was going to be changed to meat…. ;)….gospel —-> everlasting gospel ?

  2. May the Lord continue to guide you dear sister. We are promised the “Spirit of Truth” and He will lead us. Do you have the name of that video?

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