(Jan.20, 2018)  Brother Rob has uploaded a new YouTube video about the “Lord’s Rod” featuring brother Erik Bell’s sermon on Micah chapter 6.


(Dec.16,2017) We had another phone conference study and our subject was Rev. 13, to listen to the study click this link —



(Nov.2, 2017) We had the opportunity to have a phone conference study with sister Bonnie and brother Don Adair, the two surviving Mt. Carmel living members today. Also we heard a report on Rev. 12 by brother Erik Bell, may you be blessed.




(Sept. 25,2017) Be sure to check out and spread among the brethren our Wikipedia article explaining the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist movement and it’s history.



(May 18, 2017) In the ongoing rebuttals to Stephen Bohr and Ismael Rodriguez, HearyetheRod site has now published 7 posts refuting what we see as clear false statements and twisting by Rodriguez. Click here to read–



(April 15, 2017) The annual session is now going on in Waco, Texas, It’s a Livestream production to watch click here



(March 25, 2017) Godsloveandlaw Blog has a post that shows a video of sister Bonnie Smith at a recent SDA church. She gave her testimony of her time on the camp with brother Houteff.

Meet Sister Bonnie Smith

(Jan 5, 2017) We held a phone conference meeting with sister Bonnie Smtih and she spoke of some of her experiences on the camp with brother Houteff. Enjoy.



(Dec.15, 2016) Brother Rob has a new YouTube Video, showing how the teaching that we as SDA and DSDA must keep the feast days is not grounded in the Scriptures, SOP or the Rod. Click here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NR67WNGvTq0


(Sept.24,2016) Recently we have come across the teachings from a brother Eric Edstrom that brother Houteff drew only six tubes coming out of the Golden Bowl of Zech. 4 in Tract six.. HereYeTheRod has made a report showing what actually was drawn from brother Houteff in Tract six, p.18.Further, the report goes by what was said in the Rod writings concerning how many tubes come from the bowl down to the candlestick. Be careful brethren, deceivers are active today trying to discourage, twist, self-exalt themselves in our midst. Here is the report. https://hearyetherod.wordpress.com/2016/05/20/a-missing-tube/


(August 13, 2016) Mountain Dale has completed it’s annual session/convocation. We have the link to watch much of the session. NOTE: unfortunately this year’s session had some technical problems and some of the recordings have audio issues.http://livestream.com/goldenbowlministry/events/6135489


(Aug.5, 2016) Brother Rob has a YouTube video on Zech. 4. Based on a TG, this study explains the meaning of the symbolism and how seven tubes come out of the golden bowl of prophecy to light up the seven candlesticks (church) and light up the world in the Loud Cry.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIPkDTcvWjA



(March 30, 2016) Brother Rob gave a Rev. 12 study in a SDA church. Click here to view


(Jan. 24, 2016) Brother Christopher has made a phone conference study on the Judgment Harvest, click here for link https://fccdl.in/NtZSnqbrD



(Dec.7, 2015)  Brother Jimmy Kakouri has a new YouTube site and has produced his first video, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl1qD9bPYaY


( Oct. 13, 2015) Part 2 of the sermon called  “God’s end time servants”  is now ready  for listening–

Playback number- (605) 468 – 8123

Access code: 834538#, then press # again and you’ll hear the sermon

Available 24/7 for listening

(Oct.7, 2015) HearyetheRod has a new post out showing some of brother Houteff’s memorable quotes.


(Aug.30, 2015) We now have a new phone sermon line. We will post new sermons given by “present truth” believers. We as SDA and DSDA are tired of the peace and safety message being given week after week in our SDA pulpits. So now we can access fresh and updated sermons given throughout the month.

The first sermon is entitled : God’s End-Time Servants (International General Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists)

Here is the info:

Playback Number: 605- 468-8123
Access Code: 1032227#  (after entering this code, then press # again and you’ll be transfer to the recording. There will be silence for about 30 seconds as it is loading.)

Available 24/7

May you be blessed. The Administrators

“Our message is not to be one of peace and safety.” (SDA Bible Commentary, vol.4, p.1184)

(Aug.7, 2015) Our brethren at Mt. Dale organization had a Holy Convocation and it was a blessing to watch, see here-



(June 15, 2015)  recently we made a YouTube video of the future land division in the upcoming pre-millennial kingdom in Israel.


(Jan.9, 2015) IGADSDA (International  General Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists) has produced a thrilling short trailer video countering the false video made by Ismael Rodriguez “The Shepherd’s Rod Exposed.” The  history and facts are laid out for the people to see and the Truth is indeed “restored”.


 (Nov.29, 2014)  Recently brother Jimmy Kakouri traveled to the Philippines to minister to a group of young people who are following a man who claims to be the “Elijah” the tishbite. Here is his final sermon given to them. Following that is a debate between the man (Ariel) and Jimmy. Very enlightening!


(Oct.20, 2014)  Sister Pat and her children have produced another video showing their reaching out ministry at a local SDA church. See this link


(Aug.28, 2014) Recently a very timely and important post was made on HearyetheRod. The subject of the 144,000 and “those with” is often brought up and there is much confusion on it. We’ve tried to bring the subject into clearer light. See the post “The 144,00 Truth” at http://www.hearyetherod.wordpress.com


(July 11, 2014) Sister Pat and her children take to the people, the Lord’s message of the hour (Repent and reform before it’s too late). See their work in His vineyard.


(May 31, 2014) Brother Todd has another Youtube video out explaining the 4 classes of redeemed. Highly recommended. See here


(May 16, 2014) We will be having present truth studies in Pal-Talk website. Please join us at 6 pm (Western Pacific time-Calif.) on Saturday evening. We’ll cover subjects such as the Elijah message, Revelation, and other present truth topics. The room is called “Hear ye the Rod, and who has appointed.” Under  Christian Religion rooms.


(April 18, 2014) Read the latest report from HearyetheRod website. The Summary of Chart Types has been long held in somewhat silence among Davidians, due to the fact that much of it appears confusing . This report attempts to share a new perspective on it. See under Studies/reports.


(April 1, 2014) Soon we’ll be giving some info on a live present truth site on Pal-Talk, where we can come together for studies and fellowship. Stay tuned.


(February 21, 2014) Brother B.Albert Graham shares some amazing photos. Very similar to the Elijah sign of the birds losing their scared instinct and befriending a Elijah messenger of God. See under News/Reports.


(January 23, 2014) Brother Todd has produced one of the finest “timeline” videos we’ve seen in a while. Please see it under Studies/Reports.


(January 9, 2014) Recently we’ve had the chance to view a new and updated re-make of the Davidian flag in all it’s glory. This kingdom flag is the flag that the Lord inspired brother Houteff to make in 1941. See picture under Studies/Reports.


(Dec.17, 2013) We’d like to praise the Lord as His Wikipedia site is drawing many worldwide visitors. Please check it out as it is enlightening people to the real Davidian people and their beliefs, and how they are NOT Branch Davidians (those connected with the Waco tragedy in 1993) Click here  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davidian_Seventh-day_Adventist
The Administrators

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