About Us

Meet the Experts, these Men and Women have studied Adventism, the writings of E.G. White extensively  and are highly regarded Students of the Word of God.   They will not only guide you, but will answer almost anything with regards to Seventh Day Adventism Doctrine, Health Reform and the Elijah message.
This page will put a face to the name of these Men and Women who have studied the Elijah Message and whom are eager to share with fellow Adventist compatriots about what the message is and doing for them in theirs and their children’s life, along with the richness and fullness the message has brought to them in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We are sorry about some of the missing photos, we’re working on that :-).
*** Also be sure to check our “Home” section for new updates on reports and news in the present truth message.
Bro. Jim Kakouri (Video Studies,Elijah and present truth specialist)

Jimmy Kakouri

Brother Rob Peralta

Bro. Rob Peralta ( Godsloveandlaw blog, Elijah and present truth specialist)

Bro. B.Albert Graham (Elijah and Ellen White and present truth specialist)

Bro. Erik Bell

Bro. Erik Bell (Elijah and present truth,audio specialist)

Bro. Rene Reyes

Bro. Rene Reyes(Elijah and present truth teacher,Hispanic Studies)


4 responses to “About Us

  1. A wealth of knowledge is contained on this sight. May Our Heavenly Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit Guide all of you and bless you all abundantly.

  2. Thankyou Sister and God bless you.

  3. Amen. Praises to the Heavenly Trio.

  4. A wonderful blog this is. May God be with this site as we await the sealing of the 144,000 to complete

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