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If you need to Contact us or if you have a Testimony on what our Lord’s Elijah message has done for you, or if you have any question or concern, please leave a reply in the box below. Or you may contact us by the email addresses below.  All Testimonies will be reviewed and then put in our Testimonies section of our Website.   We look forward to hearing from you and your Testament of how the message has blessed you.

Bro. B.Albert Graham –

Bro. Erik Bell —          

Bro. Rob Peralta  —  

Bro. Jimmy Kakouri —

Bro. Craig McCartan  —


If any one would like to donate to our cause you can find the info under “Partnering with us” heading. We send out present truth packages around the world to help enlighten the brethren of the Lord’s final sealing message of Elijah. The packages include Tracts, Literature, CD’s, DVD’s of the “present truth” message of Elijah.


2 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Robert Batchelor

    My concern as an old SDA is the SDA CHURCH has been in the wrong hands from 1901 as it should be run from the PEWS as in AMOS 3:7

  2. Very observant point brother Robert. The GC has really fulfilled sister Ellen’s prophecy that our church has/is “retreating steadily towards Egypt”. That is why we should listen and follow His promised Elijah and His message (the purpose of this site) Thanks for your comment. So we hope to have all the videos available in DVD and CD form. Free of charge ofcourse.

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