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(March 13, 2013)  Brother Rene has just got back from a trip to Columbia.  He reports, “I just came back and the Lord is doing a mighty work in that part of the vineyard. We had many Bible Studies with the brethren. The brethren are scattered throughout Colombia, but mainly in the Medellin area.  We were able to organize them, we formed a national council for the work there, and soon we hope to have a full time bible worker. Pray for the work there.”
Praise the Lord! In these last days the work is going forward in areas around the world, where ever their are humble souls who want the truth for today. Amen.

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(Feb. 24, 2013) A while back we received the phone number for sister Bonnie Smith. So this last Sabbath, in the early afternoon, we decided to give her a call. She was quite friendly and we found her very energetic for 83 years young. She was ready to answer any questions we had as well as  describing some of the experiences of the days at the camp.
She told us how Brother Houteff was the genuine deal. A humble man who lead a extraordinary life of true dedication to the Lord’s work. She gave us an example of some of the miracles that occurred at the camp.
She told of the story of her sister, and how she took very ill from stepping on a stick while playing. Her foot had became infected and they eventually took her to the Hospital. The doctors were very worried and warned everybody later that night that she may have to have it amputated.
The brethren became quite depressed, and so Brother Houteff called a special prayer meeting later that evening. As they finally gathered around Brother Houteff, he explained to them that he wanted all those in the group to forgive each other, this was necessary if the Lord is to do his work. If anyone had something against another, they were to admit it, with the appropriate apology and forgiveness was to be exchanged.
Then after this, they knelt in prayer, with Brother Houteff asking the Lord to intercede and heal the young girl’s foot. Then they went back to their homes to retire for the evening.
The next morning they got word from the doctors that nothing short of a miracle had taken place! The girl had made a miraculous recovery and the doctors were amazed.  The Lord had heard the humble prayers of His people!
As we continued our conversation, we talked about how close the final events are. The 3rd world war being so close with its involvement to take place in Israel.
One other interesting point she raised was about the Hazel Hendricks situation. She told how  late in Hazel’s life she was sitting with her over dinner and she remembers Hazel saying, ” Bonnie, I sure regret the things I wrote against the Shepherd’s Rod.” This was an amazing admission to those who were ‘anti’, to the Rod message over the years propagated in her writings called, “The True Witness Speaks-Steps to Life”. In the writing’s she dispelled the Rod message.
Sister Bonnie confirmed, first hand, how Hazel had sincerely regretted it later in her life, Sister Bonnie was led by the Lord to reach out to Sister Hazel and to show her that the Lord was willing to forgive. Sister Bonnie then told her that, because she was sorry, all she then had to do was contact those people and tell them to stop publishing her writings, as she had re-canted from her previous writing’s. But sadly, she never could do that.
So the conversation continued over other topics, such as how the real Rod believers teach the message in love. She’s saddened to know that some in Davidia are spreading the message with head knowledge only and not with Christ -like love.
Lastly, we would ask that you keep this dear sister in your prayers, as the Lord has blessed us with such a one who is still strong and willing to share the message with all.     —– The Administrators.
We’d like to point out that we commend the people at the Waco organization for their new website design. Particularly they have changed the two different category descriptions of the “Symbolic Code” , aka Symbolic news codes.  They had put on their prior website the two headings —  Old Codes  and  New Codes.
Now they have put in the first area the “Symbolic Codes” , which lists the original news code articles that were PUBLISHED by the prophet himself. Down below shows the second section called “The Unpublished Codes Section”.  There you can read the news codes that are very controversial and were indeed “UNPUBLISHED” by the prophet, and instead published by his wife after his death. For a helpful article see “The Codes-What’s the Facts?”
Again we say –Hooray for this move and it is a step in the right direction. We note that the unpublished codes are unreliable and contradictory in some areas. We think it’s a good start to letting the people know the two very important distinctions of the codes. Here’s the new website

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  1. Amen. That’s all so great, bro.. God has Blessed. May His Kingdom come soon.

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