(April 18, 2014)  Report on “A Summary of Chart Types”



(Jan. 23, 2014)

Brother Todd’s video of the “SDA Timeline”. Be sure to click the pause button as you view to read his quotes posted.

(Jan. 9, 2014)

Davidian_Seventh_Day_Adventist_Flag(Davidian Flag)

(Nov.2, 2013) — “Meet the Lord’s Young Workers”

July 27, 2013) — Before we share the letter from sister Bonnie Smith, we’d like to share some comments we received from her on our last phone call. Among the two interesting ones were the story of brother Houteff and the printing press, and the story of her Father and Mother and their experience with the “Branch Davidian” leader – Ben Roden.

She spoke of the fact that brother Houteff liked to have the printing presses going all the time. His living quarters were right above the presses. So one evening while he was up in his quarters, he noticed that the sound of the printing presses were quiet. So he went down to check up on the situation. He inquired to the person running the presses why they weren’t working. He was told they had broke down. VTH then instructed the man to go home for the night. The next morning when the man showed up to work, the presses were fixed and  no problem was noted. VTH apparently pleaded with God to get them back up and going–it was answered!

The second story was relayed as follows. Sister Bonnie and her parents were believers in the Elijah message as brought through His prophet, brother Houteff. But after VTH died, her parents fell for Ben Roden’s private call to prophetic office and his “newly revealed” teachings. His was the supposed successor prophetic message to God’s remnant church. So they became devout followers of Ben Roden, and His “Branch” movement. Sister Bonnie often pleaded with them but to no avail.

Then sometime later, Ben Roden announced that he was asking  his followers to contribute to the  – go to Israel fund. Everyone that paid the money to him, would be able to leave for Israel. So Bonnie’s parents sent their funds in to go. After a while they became worried as they had not be given details to make the trip. So they soon found out that their money had been appropriated to Ben Roden’s OWN CHILDREN to go! So they obviously discovered who the real Ben Roden was and quit the Branch movement. Just goes to show “you shall know them by their fruits.”

(July 20, 2013) — Here is some excerpts from the latest letter of encouragement from sister Bonnie.

“..This battle that we all have to fight from the time we are convinced this message is from the God that was given in 1930 is the very last message not only for the church but for the world (Tract 4, p.32, Tract 8,p.60, 2TG 14,p15, 2TG 31,p.4). The message of Elijah is to restore all things in the great and dreadful day (Ezek.9) and (4 B.C. p.1184-86).  I hope this will encourage you to determine to give this Truth no matter what comes your way. Pray alot. Satan know’s who we contact , what he does to them-not study for their self.  All we can do is plant the seeds. If you have the chance water those seeds, you won’t know till the final judgment how God harvested that seed.

Oh how I appreciate the Lord bearing with me all these years. And this message is still the most encouraging Truth, bearing something new each time we read it! If we don’t fall in love with this message, it’s impossible to stay with it. That’s why so many people give it up. If they use it to glorify their self in any way, or lose interest for other things in life, it finally takes a back seat. Let this Davidian message be the last to this world, (course the church first) because this is the beginning of the Loud Cry message too (Tract no.1).

May the Lord give you much courage and faith is my prayer, love from your mother in Israel in this Truth,  Bonnie Smith.”                       (Highlighted areas are her’s)

(May 20, 2013) —  Read the latest blog on (Titled– “The 4th Angel of Revelation 14”)  about the “4th” angel of Rev. 14. We as Adventists know much about the 3 angel’s message yet very little on the 4th (?)

(April 13, 2013) — Recently one of the original Mt. Carmel members of brother Houteff’s camp (Bonnie Smith) sent us the “Blue book”. It’s the large volume of the Symbolic Code series of publications from brother Houteff. Along with some other valuable information she sent us a most wonderful and inspiring letter which we’d like to share.

In speaking about the blue book, she wrote,  “I came across these codes in an old suit case. I never read them before, my mother said, ‘ Bonnie you are the only one left in the family that values this message. You can have them.’  The Lord’s hand was in that so you new believers could read this history too. The Davidians believers in Calif. had a meeting in Yucaipa, Ca. and Donnie told me he would print them in a book because the originals are so old. To do it exactly.

What courage it has given me down through these years, because I lived it. It’s answered so many questions that i had growing up. So I wanted other Davidians to have this information too.

What a blessing, how the Lord leads our lives. What a priveledge the Lord had given us people there, and so many young people that grew up there too on Mt. Carmel to have that precious experience, and the marvelous safety the Lord gave the folks on Mt. Carmel and the young people especially roamed all over those 7 hills 375 acres. And never had a fear of nothing. No one was ever bit by a rattle snake. And there was many!

Hardly any was ever hurt either but bro. Lipsy, a young man who was a night watchman barely cut his knee. It didn’t bleed it was so slight of a cut, but those days we didn’t realize that is a sign of a staph germ. In 3 weeks the hospital couldn’t save him. It taught everyone on Mt. carmel how much we needed to stay in the middle of the road, there were fanatics. They wouldn’t go to the hospital for nothing.

So when my sister got hurt which I told you about that miracle. We took bro. Houteff’s word more serious. Everyone swa the miracle of the Kitchen and dam, which we called lake Meriba. bro. Houteff named it that, because it had a bad taste to it, but we got used to it. We were repeating the history of the old Israels experience.

… don’t let the past or the present or the SDA’s or the Davidians discourage you. There’s enough in this message to encourage to give you direction and hope and a love for it, that you know that God is leading. And the devil want’s to cheat you out of the kingdom and make you lose  the fight. There’s no other greater battle we have to fight!!! But the one we are now determining whcih side we will be on, whether we will get the seal or not. The devil is working sooo hard against this Truth and Davidians any way he can to put a reproach on it.

You new Davidians have had to expect this message for what it says not because of people or history or past .What it means to you, the answers to prayer, and the courage it gives for the future. The church to me, thinks we are going right to heaven in our sinful state, no earthly kingdom even though the Bible is so plain, say nothing of Sr. White. Ofcourse they won’t take the S.R., the history of the Davidians alot of them haven’t put a good record for the message, but there have been a lot of faithful one’s too like a lot of faithful Adventist that will be in that Special Resurrection before probation closes (Test., vol.7, p.17)

Sr. White will also be helping to bring in the Loud Cry. Our work in this life is soul saving and that is what the faithful that has died in the 3rd angel’s message will be doing. Not those that are wicked they will be separated from the righteous.

We have to prepare for the trouble of “Jacob’s trouble” which will be terrible ahead of us but those who have the most faith will have the least trouble (1 Tc p.47)

May the Lord give you much faith and courage is my prayer, love from your sister in the Davidian message, Bonnie Smith.”

Below is a list of 18 Elijah message studies and below that is the link to click on to read them:

Study #1 Has The Judgment For The Living Commenced?

Study #2 Only 144,000 Translated?

Study #3 The Great Multitude, Living or Translated Saints?

Study #4 Ezekiel 9 Literal or Spiritual?

Study # 5 How to Obtain the Seal

Study #6 Two Sealing Reports

Study #7 Speaking In Tongues

Study #8 When the Lord Takes the Reins

Study #9 The Beasts Of Daniel

Study #10 The Beasts Of Revelation

Study #11 Image of the Beast

Study #12 1888 Repeated?

Study #13 Our 40 years of Wilderness Wanderings

Study #14 The 11th Hour Servants

Study #15 The Laymen’s Movement in Prophecy

Study #16 The Remedy for Isms

Study #17 And IN the Days of these Kings. . . Daniel 2:44

Study # 18 Gods Kingdom of Glory

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim 2:15

<Click here for studies 1 to 18–
The Lord and His creation (fascinating pictures) and study the “7” comings of our Lord upon the earth, that’s right–7.
For a study on the past record of our SDA leaders on prophesying, read this report.


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