I am studying these things for the first time and my local church is looking at me as an outcast. I decided to do that because the church no longer study these testimonies. I have been in the church 3 years now. I have had questions to which I was not given answers but now within a month of my studies with DSDA, I have got every question answered to satisfaction. For sure the Lord is amazing. Keep up the good work.” — Brother Francis (10-29-12)
Testimonies from Mr. and Mrs. Orr —

“O how thankful I am for the SRod message! It proves from the Bible and Testimonies to be ‘present truth’ which ‘the flock needs now’, and I am dtermined to study and learn more so I can have a part in finishing the work”  — Mrs. Eva R. Orr ( Greeley, Colo.)

“I just want to tell you that I have found the SRod to be a message for us that is ‘meat in due season’, and my prayer is that more will follow in this wonderful truth and bravely walk in it’s light.” — V.D. Orr (Greeley, Colo.)

“I do hope that the good Lord will put it inot the heaets of many of His dear people to study for themsleves before it’s too late. My heart is sad for the dear ones who will not investigate for themselves. Do pray for me that i may hold up Jesus in my life and be prepared to help others find the way, and that I may be ‘able to stand’ whe He appears.”  —Mrs. J. A. Dundore (Hanover, Pa.)

“Three years ago we studied and accepted the Present Truth–the promised Elijah message (Mal. 4:5), It has convicted us that we must thoroughly search our lives and, by God’s help, lay aside all our sins. We feel that the SRod message has brought us great comfort in our trails, and inexpressible joy in the hope of a soon established kingdom of peace.” — Frank and Golda Grimm. (Sun prairie, Wisconsin)

Dear Brethren:
   I am a firm believer in “The Shepherd’s Rod,” and intend to go through with it to the end. I am so glad that the Lord has opened my eyes to the light, and if He will permit me, I will carry it to others that they, too, may embrace the truth for this time and rejoice in it as we do. Pray for me.
                  (Signed) Mrs. Nora Walters

“I began to read the message contained in the SRod by claiming the promise of John 7:17, and I was never more convinced of anything in all my life that that it is a message from God to backslidden Israel. I have long felt the need of a revival and reformation in my own heart, and this message has been a shining light to me. if heeded, it would save our people from : the deadly formalism which is leavening our ‘churches everywhere…” — Ethel Gilbert  (Greenville , S. Carolina)

My family be blessed to know about this message from my Grandpa, its a long time ago,when I was child I always heard about 144,000 but I don’t know,who its 144,000?
Until I grow up and teenager I learn it with my self I read and I am so very  blessed GOD choose me for to know about the truth, and must be survival to be 144.000 like Ellen White talk.
Elijah message its writing in Malachi 4:5
“Be hold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.”  I hope I can be ready when the coming of great and dreadful day of the LORD coming, —Sister Petricia  Steijvers (Indonesia)

“When I came into the SDA church in early 2009, I had great hopes and desires. I was soon to learn that instead of going in the Lord’s direction, we as His church, was steadily retreating towards Egypt. As I became more and more aware of the wayward ways of the church, I pondered the real meaning of the 144,000. After prayer, I was led to discover a audio sermon, by brother Glenroy Matthews, called “The 144,000, who are they?”. I listened spellbound as the truths told both amazed  and shocked me. I was not told about these truths by our church, nowhere! (3abn, Amazing Facts, or the different online SDA ministry sites).
As I heard it I was forever changed because I now saw the real plans of the Lord, completely backed up by Scripture and Ellen White. It soon led me to know the Elijah message, the message of the very soon to come–church judgment, also known as the church purification. I beseech you, my dear brothers and sister, to prayerfully study this site. In it you’ll see nothing but the straight truth. No lukewarm messages of  peace and safety, which unfortunately, our church has professed week after week.
May our Lord, who promises the “Spirit of Truth” be with you —Brother Rob.  (12-10-12)
I am more than happy, just thrilled; the message of the SRod has found a warm place in my heart. I love my Saviour and feel that He has favored me by giving me a second chance and an opportunity to prove my love in accepting reproaches of my brethren who are much incensed against the ones who have brought the message of Revelation 18:1 of which they are ignorant and are shutting the homes and hearts against the light that Sr. White predicted would come. (Testimonies to Ministers, p. 300.)   “Testimonies on Sabbath School Work,” pp. 62-66 impressed me so forcibly that I purchased a copy for myself, also “Testimonies to Ministers” and, what I have read in them is enough to convince me that the enemy has crept into the church since 1844 A.D. and by his deceptive arts has spun a web of error by which he has “snared” all of God’s children “in holes” and if possible he will deceive them all, but we must help them. 
  I feel that my heavenly Father has so magnified His Word to me that I can see plainly why He must bring to pass “His strange act” of Ezekiel Nine. Just now the message, “Cry aloud and spare not, show my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins” and also the cry, “prepare to meet thy God, O Israel,” is due the church. Truly the Lord has been my constant companion and I have become better acquainted with Him in the last few months than in all the twenty or more years I have been an Adventist!  
I am sure that up to a short time ago I was a 100% Laodicean — satisfied in my blindness — but I have bought the “gold tried in the fire,” and am more determined than ever before to be an overcomer, and by His grace and help to all who will allow me, I will endeavor to show them by word and example the true way that leads home. I want to have a part in the Lord Cry and that I may join in singing the song of “Moses and the Lamb.   May I find a place on your prayer list? I am desirous of having my family of seven children in the heavenly Canaan. This message alone can fulfill the promise, “The willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land.”
 Yours for turning many to righteousness.
 (Signed) Mrs. Emma Spencer, Denver, Colo.
Dear Brethren in Present Truth:It is my desire to study the Shepherd’s Rod message more fully. As we are to try the spirits and be fully persuaded in our own mind, I will let no one take away from me my God given liberty; I will study for myself.I have been in the S.D.A. church for over 40 years, and as I love the truth more than before, I see the need for reformation. The church is getting more and more like the world but I must drift along no longer with the unconverted multitiude–I must by my good example encourage others for the better snd not for the worse.   (signed) Mrs. S.E.JI am so thankful that the message found me, and I thoroughly believe it, and nothing but death can keep me from giving it to others. The brethren are feeding the churches with husks, and many of the people are satisfied with it, and it seems so difficult to arouse them to a knowldege of this wonderful truth and of their condition.

The message will arouse them if they can get by the ministers who are stationed at the gate as watchmen to keep the light from the people instead of crying aloud against the abominations! May God have mercy upon them.” (Mrs. M. Lansdown, Mt. Royal, New Jersey)


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  1. Praise the Lord, brother Francis. God Bless you even more, as you continue to seek His Truth for today. His Kingdom is near at hand.

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